15 June 2011


GROUP-I MAINS -2011                GENERAL STUDIES          PAPER-I        (22-01-2011)

(Section-A) (Very ShortAnswer Type)
Answer all the questions not exceeding 20 words each. Each question carries one mark.

1)      Where was the first session of the INC held?
2)       What was the name of journal launched by Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy to get this self-respect movement progressed?
3)      When did Vasco da Gama reach India?
4)      The British General Who Visited King Jahangir’s Court to get trade concessions was …..
5)      Under the system of subsidiary Alliance, Lord Wellesley signed the first alliance with ……
6)      The British army leader who was defeated by Puli Devan in the Year 1755 was …….
7)      The famous tribal rebellion that took place in Bihar in the years 1855-56 was ……..
8)      The person responsible for the Aligarh movement was ……..
9)      The name of the novel of Bankim Chandra Chatterji that kindled te national spirit is ………
10)  ………… is called as the ‘Prophet of Militant Nationalism.
(Section–B)  (Short Answer Type)
Answer any Twenty of the following questions not exceeding 50 words each. Each question carries three marks. 20 OUT OF 25 (20 X 3 = 60)

11)  Evaluate the significance of V.O. Chidambaram in Indian Independence Movement.
12)  Write a note on the social reforms of Lord William Bentinck.
13)  Write a note on the First Carnatic War (1746-48).
14)  Write a note on Dr. Annie Besant’s reforms.
15)  What were the main economic effects of the British rule in India?
(Section-C) (Brief Answer Type)
Answer any twenty-two of the following questions not exceeding 100words each. Each question carries five marks. 22 OUT OF 30 (22 x 5 = 110)

16)  Estimate the role of Jawaharlal Nehru in Indian National Movement.
17)  Bring out the importance of the Swadeshi Movement.
18)  Enumerate the impact of British rule on the Indian society.
19)  Mention the causes of the Revolt of 1857.
20)  ‘Raja Rammohan Roy is the father of Indian Renaissance.’ – Justify.
21)  Write a note on Albuquerque.

(Section-D) (Detailed Answer Type)
Answer any six of the following questions not exceeding 200 Words each. Each question carries fifteen marks. 6 OUT OF 9 (6 X 15 = 90)

22)  . Estimate Kamaraj’s education reform.
23)  . Critically examine the land revenue policy of the British.

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